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Zhejiang Aotuo Kang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is set in Jinhua foot of Nanshan, a shining pearl. Its predecessor was Jinhua seventy-one pharmaceutical factory, founded in August 1965. The company is located in Jinhua City, southern suburbs, an area of ​​163 mu. Factory elegant environment, fresh air, green area of ​​42% of the plant area. Our main business areas are: chemical raw materials, chemical medicine preparation, Chinese medicines, biological products manufacturing and sales. Chemical companies are based, pharmaceuticals as the leading modern integrated enterprise.

Ao Tuokang cause is everything for the cause of human health. Aotuo Kang Pharmaceutical Group to carry forward the hard work, self-reliance, so that drug production continues on the grade scale, on grades. Group to human health as their responsibility to human health as the theme. Recalling Aotuo Kang traveled entrepreneurial path is not smooth covered with flowers, but full development road of thorns. Looking to the future, a bright future, we firmly believe that tomorrow will be better Aotuo Kang. We are determined to go all out, perfect for human health, civilization, progress and make new contributions to! So that the development of the pharmaceutical industry to the next level.

In our ancestors reached the Foundation - the foundation of the pharmaceutical industry, and constantly enrich and develop their own Aotuo Kang. Today, assets grow to $ 200 million. Including the size of the production capacity injection, tablets, granules, capsules, syrups, oral solution, eye drops, pharmaceutical raw materials and other 100 kinds of products in 10 categories. These products have a narcotic analeptic - flumazenil; there pamidronate for the treatment of pain in cancer patients with bone metastases and hypercalcemia; the "faster, better, cheaper, wide" features of "Gimcheon" gentamicin procaine capsule (Gimcheon gastritis capsule) and "Gimcheon" brand gentamicin Procaine vitamin B12 particles (Gimcheon gastritis dry syrup) and other agents. There azithromycin, flumazenil, pamidronate and other APIs.

Invested 50 million yuan transformation of production lines all through the GMP certification, effectively protect the health and efficient production operation and stable and reliable product quality. Endless pursuit of development, Aotuo Kang will continue to improve product quality, improve techniques. We firmly believe in the common interests of customers, shareholders, employees responsible for build mutual trust, equality and friendship bridge, using our hands to create wealth to improve our work and life, we expect to get in return!