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  • Antidote
    It refers to the lifting of a viral therapies. "Toxic" hot toxic. Cold virus. Immunotoxin. Gudu. Shidu. Burning and food poisoning, due to different conditions, there are various methods oral and external treatment and so on.
  • Calcium and bone metabolism regulator
    This product is widely distributed in the bone, the metabolism is not the original drug is mainly excreted in the urine; the half-life of about 150h. Continuing role in bone time is unclear.
  • Antimicrobials, anti-infectives
    Can inhibit or kill pathogenic microorganisms, making it the growth and reproduction of drugs hampered. Such drugs include disinfection antiseptic medicine and clinical treatment with anti-microbial agents.
  • Analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory
    There is a class of most anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic drugs have anti-inflammatory effects, and, because of its special anti-inflammatory effect, will be an international conference in 1974 in Milan, Italy, held this class of drugs known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ......
  • Immune System Drugs
    Also known as immunomodulatory drugs, because most immune-enhancing drugs may cause high or low immune function to adjust to a normal level, with the main clinical immune enhancement, treatment of immune deficiency diseases, chronic infections and cancer as adjuvant therapy.
  • Vitamin drugs
    Vitamins are essential to maintain good health, a class of organic compounds. Such substances in the body can not be the composition of body tissue of raw materials, nor is the source of energy, but a class of regulating substances, play an important role in the metabolism of substances.